The new Meran irrigation channel, which is a circular route, enables hikers to go around the entire Meraner Land on an 80 km long path. It connects all eleven irrigation channels where you will come across local huts and bells, relating to the channels, as well as castles, churches and natural monuments. The Meran irrigation channel is not in the higher Alpine region, but only slightly up from the valley at an altitude of approximately 400 to maximum 900 metres above sea level. The route is divided into eight day tours, which can be covered in a week, but can also be experienced as individual day tours. The Meran irrigation channel circular route is also a pendant to the popular Meran High Mountain Road.

Irrigation channels are old, artificially designed water ways from the 13th Century, which were used to irrigate the fields. In order to maintain and look after the channels, a narrow trail was established. In years gone by, the farmers collectively built the irrigation channels with simple tools and authorised the water distribution with sophisticated laws. Today, the trails along the channels are popular hiking paths and great routes for a stroll, which are accessible all year round.