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IDM Südtirol (Alex Filz, Helmuth Rier) , Gärten von Schloss Trauttmansdorff (Marion Gelmini), TV Algund (Angelika Schwarz), Ortler Skiarena (Alex Filz), Therme Meran (DOCsrl), Bernhard Sulzer Tappeiner, Foto Dieter Drescher

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In accordance with Law No. 124/2017, we wish to inform you that the Lagundo Tourist Association received the following public contributions in 2018:
Date Contributor Reference Amount
27.02.2018 PAB Extraordinary provincial contribution no. 0008957 90.240,00 €
27.02.2018 PAB Extraordinary provincial contribution no. 0008962 8.580,00 €
06.04.2018 Municipality Lagundo Tourist tax December 2017 28.304,50 €
06.04.2018 Municipality Lagundo Tourist tax January 2018 + February 2018 7.309,75 €
26.04.2018 Municipality Lagundo Tourist tax March 2018 + Rest 2017 14.921,38 €
28.05.2018 Municipality Lagundo Tourist tax April 2018 46.634,48 €
13.08.2018 Municipality Lagundo Tourist tax May 2018 + June 2018 143.851,54 €
05.09.2018 Municipality Lagundo Tourist tax July 2018 75.832,73 €
27.09.2018 Municipality Lagundo Tourist tax August 2018 67.112,86 €
12.10.2018 PAB Ordinary provicnial contribution no. 0076373 46.930,00 €
29.10.2018 Municipality Lagundo Tourist tax September 2018 100.367,18 €
19.11.2018 Municipality Lagundo Extraordinary municipality contribution 2018 3.000,00 €
29.11.2018 Municipality Lagundo Tourist tax October 2018 72.176,84 €
05.12.2018 Municipality Lagundo Extraordinary municipality contribution 2018 60.000,00 €
23.08.2019 Municipality Lagundo Ordinary municipality contribution 2018 60.000,00 €