The garden village of Lagundo is surrounded by vineyards and orchards and only two kilometres away from the modern spa town of Merano. This makes Algund the perfect starting point for fantastic hiking trips into the surrounding mountain world. It opens up possibilities for a shopping stroll in nearby Meran, encourages you to visit to the modern thermal spa facilities and due to its great transport connections, offers excursions into the entire South Tyrol region. Altogether, the village of Lagundo has approximately 4,900 inhabitants and consists of eight separate locations.

Mühlbach (320 to 350 metres in altitude)Mühlbach is situated in the valley basin and as such is the centre of Algund. The name of the hamlet Mühlbach first appeared in 1290 or 1300 A.D. in the documents of the Burgrave’s office of Castle Tirol. The settlement stretched along the old country road to Plars, towards the old Forster Bridge (today only a footbridge) and along the Mühlgraben, an artificial water-filled trench. The hamlet is home to the town hall, the church, the Peter-Thalguter Cultural Centre, the tourist board, police station, as well as many shops, banks, the post office, public outdoor swimming pool and the sports grounds.

Algund village (330 to 360 metres in altitude)Algund village is situated on the debris cone of the Grabbach River. It is surrounded by vineyards and orchards, offers great views of Meran, into the Etsch Valley and towards Bozen. The village is the original part of the settlement, with the old Parish church consecrated to Saint Hippolytus and Saint Erhard. Directly above the village, you will find the famous Algund irrigation channel road, which is one of the most beautiful hiking routes, offering great panoramic views of the entire South Tyrol region. One of the characteristics of the village is its exotic flora, consisting of palm trees, cypress trees, oil trees etc.

Forst (320 to 360 metres in altitude)Forst is the most southern part of Algund. It is connected to the main part of the village by the road bridge and also by a wooden footbridge crossing the Etsch River (near the public outdoor swimming pool). Castle Forst, one of the many castles and fortresses in this region, is the end of the bus line # 12 (Marling – Meran - Forst). This is where you will find the Forst Special Brewery, which is one of Europe’s most modern breweries.

Vellau (960 metres in altitude)Vellau, the sunniest location, offers unique views across the Etsch Valley, the Dolomite mountains in the East and the Ortler Group in the West. A five kilometre long and well-designed mountain road connects Vellau with the centre of Algund …and a chair lift facility with Mitterplars. A nostalgic basket lift spans the distance to the Leiter Alm, situated at an altitude of 1,550 metres above sea level. This is a starting point for many high-Alpine tours in the Texel Group Nature Park. The nature park is South Tyrol’s largest and extends to around 33.43 hectare. The popular Meran high mountain road can be accessed directly from the Alm. It is one of the most beautiful high-Alpine panoramic trails in Europe.

Oberplars (390 to 550 metres in altitude)
Oberplars is situated just above the Algund irrigation channel path, surrounded by orchards and offers great panoramic views of the spa town of Meran and across the Etsch Valley. There are three bus lines which connect Oberplars with the main village. Oberplars is the ideal place to stay during your holiday if you are looking to live away from through traffic roads. It also is perfect as a starting point for many beautiful circular hiking trips.

Mitterplars (390 to 550 metres in altitude)Mitterplars can be found at the sunny debris cone of the Töll engrave, just North-West of Mühlbach. There are three bus lines which connect Mitterplars with the main village. It is also home to the valley terminal for the chair lift going to Vellau. The beautiful Algund irrigation channel path leads you through vineyards and orchards to Algund-Dorf.

Aschbach (1,360 metres in altitude)Aschbach is a small mountain village, situated at an altitude of 1,360 metres above sea level, in the South-West of Algund. From Töll, it can be reached via a forest road, passing the Quadrat farmhouses, or alternatively using the lift facility in Rabland. Especially during the warm summer season, Aschbach is a very popular destination with beautiful hiking routes up to 1,800 metres in altitude to the Vigiljoch and to the Naturns Alm, which is situated at 1,922 metres above sea level.

Ried (520 metres in altitude)Ried is a small hamlet, situated in the midst of magnificent orchards and has only around 90 inhabitants. It is the ideal starting point for many walks, comfortable Alpine hiking trips, even to the upper mountain regions, as well as for cycling tours on the newly designed cycling path. Ried is close to the valley terminal of the Aschbach lift facility, which brings you to Aschbach village, situated at an altitude of 1,360 metres above sea level.

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