The spa town of Meran can look back on an old bathing and spa culture. In 1836, the climatic advantages of the area around Meran were published and soon, the town became known as a fountain of health far beyond the country’s frontiers. In 1840, the first spa facility opened its doors and elegant villas and hotels began to establish themselves in Meran. The Empress Sissi, Rainer Maria Rilke and Franz Kafka, who had a lung disease, enjoyed the advantages of the mild climate, healthy water and visited Meran quite often. More than 150 years later, this success story is still continued. In December 2005, the avant-garde spa facility of the ‘Therme Meran’ opened its doors in the heart of Meran. South Tyrol’s star architect Matteo Thun succeeded in building a unique, modern Wellness oasis, consisting of 25 pools, 8 saunas and steam baths, a modern fitness centre, an innovative medical centre, a comfortable bistro, a park of 50,000 m², as well as a hotel complex. Throughout the year, the ‘Therme Meran’ brings you health and relaxation. Give yourself a break from the stress of everyday life and enjoy this fascinating Wellness world.