Bouldering is climbing on rocks, cliffs or artificial climbing walls without a rope. Over the past few years, this sport has constantly increased in popularity and since 1970, it is a discipline in its own right in the area of sports climbing. Its popularity has drastically increased, particularly with the younger generation. Algund is home to one of the largest outdoor boulder areas in South Tyrol.

Passionate climbers can also enjoy the Salewa Cube in the nearby provincial capital of Bozen – currently the largest climbing hall in Italy. On a climbing surface of 2,000 square metres, 250 climbers can have a go at the same time. In addition, there are three speed climbing routes, 420 square metres of boulder surfaces, boulder blocks with grades of difficulty from A to E, climbing paths, a dry tooling wall, 11,000 climbing handles etc.

There is lots of fun for climbers in Algund and surroundings.