Tips for safe hiking and climbing
  1. Always check the current weather forecast before your tour and keep an eye on the weather during your tour. The owners of the huts provide additional information on the weather conditions in the near surroundings.
  2. Pride goes before a fall! Make sure you assess your fitness objectively.
  3. Leave early in the morning and also plan for some extra time in order to be back before darkness.
  4. Do not exaggerate. It is better to hike moderately with a constant speed. Take as many breaks as you need, especially if hiking with children.
  5. Drinking is important! Keep your body fit with drinks like water, tea or natural juices. Also note that alcohol can limit or even impede your hiking performance!
  6. Make sure you have the right equipment: sturdy shoes are a must! Proper hiking boots provide a secure grip and preserve the joints.
  7. Easy and breathable clothing is ideal. Also bring a change of clothes (see Rucksack Check).
  8. The weakest person in the group decides the speed! Always show consideration for the weaker companions. Inform other hikers of possible dangers and provide first aid.
  9. Treat nature with respect: do not leave any rubbish in the mountains, protect vegetation and avoid being too loud (for the animals). Bear in mind that some plants and animals are protected by law!
  10. Our hiking paths are sign-posted. Always follow the signs and have a look at your hiking map again and again; if necessary or if you are unsure about the route turn around in due time.

What to consider during the Rucksack Check!
As much as necessary – as little as possible is the motto to follow!
Please note that this list is only a help to make sure you don't forget anything important. The rucksack should NEVER be heavier than 12-14 kg. Try to keep the weight as low as possible!
  • wind and waterproof hiking jacket
  • change of hiking clothes inclusive of underwear
  • at least a 1-liter drink bottle with drink
  • snacks, energy bar or glucose sweets
  • small first aid set
  • mobile phone
  • pocket torch
  • tissues, watch, pocket knife
  • sun protection: hat, sun glasses, cream, lip care
  • medication you need to take
If your tour takes several days you should also bring the following:
  • functional towel, soap, tooth brush and tooth paste, washing powder tube,
  • deodorant
  • thin linen sleeping bag
  • toilet paper
  • tracksuit, slippers or hut shoes