The Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park above Lagundo lies at approximately 2,500m above sea level and houses the largest Alpine lakes - the ten Lakes of Sopranes. The lakes are situated at a high altitude which means that you can find snow on their banks even in summer. You can start your tour of the lakes from the Leiteralm hut, 1,550m above sea level, easily reached from South Tyrol with a blissful single-seat chairlift. Walking from Leiteralm hut you will reach the so-called “Milk Lakes” (Lago di Latte) in about three hours. From there you will pass Lungo Lake (Langsee), the lake that lives up to its name being the largest in the area. Following that, you will come across Lake Verde (Grünsee), Lake Nero (Schwarzsee), the small Lake Lavagna (Schiedfrsee), Lake Catino, (Kesselsee), Lake Casere (Karersee), Lake Vizze (Pfitschersee) and the small Lake Mückenlacke. Enjoy the crisp mountain air, the tranquillity, stunning views of gigantic peaks and mountain ranges and admire the magnificent flora and fauna. If you are lucky you may even walk between goats and marmots and see rare wild herbs.