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The Sant'Ippolito (St. Hippolyth) and Erardo (Erhard) Parish Church

In the eastern part of the Lagundo "Garden Village", bordering the Merano district of Quarazze (Gratsch), lies the Lagundo district Paese (Dorf). The old Sant'Ippolito and Erardo Parish Church is found here. First documented in 1200, the church features three distinct architectural styles - Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque. The church holds many valuable treasures of art, both internally and externally, all of which testify to the turbulent political and cultural history of Tyrol. Between 1618 and 1628 a new Early Baroque nave designed by the architect Francesco Lucchese was added to the parish church. The church is open from 7am to 7pm daily.
The Sant'Ippolito (St. Hippolyth) and Erardo (Erhard) Parish Church
Zip code: 39022
Info-Hotline: +39 0473 448600
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Opening times
MON-FRI 09.00am-11.00am