The Lagundo “Garden Village” is located not far from Merano and is known for the large number of churches and chapels dotted around the city. Each has its own unique history and charm, and are all well worth a visit. The San Giuseppe (St. Joseph) Parish Church in the Riomolino (Mühlbach) district is one of the most modern churches in the entire Alpine area, while the Sant'Ippolito (St. Hippolyt) Parish Church in Lagundo features three distinct architectural styles - Gothic, Romanesque and Renaissance. Nearby, the Maria Steinach Convent is an early Gothic church dedicated to Mary. The Sant'Ulrico (St. Ultich) Church in Plars di Sopra (Oberplars) was first documented in 1493, the SS Cuore di Gesù Church (Sacred Heart of Jesus) in the Rio Lagundo (Aschbach) district was built in 1889, and the Santissima Trinità Church (Church of the Holy Trinity) in Velloi (Vellau) was originally built in 1742 and later restored by peasants in 1894.

A description of the churches and chapels in the Lagundo "Lagundo “Garden Village” area are listed below: