Helmuth-Rier_126The diligence of the farmers is what has made the landscape around Algund, its irrigation channel and the Schlundenstein Path what it is. The location and the intensity of nature make it one of the most interesting places in the entire Meraner Land. The newly designed wine and theme path outlines the important aspects of this cultural landscape. The panels along the path offer an insight into the background of the Algund irrigation channel, talk about old grape types, help you discover all there is to know about the work involved in looking after a vineyard all year round; the ‘Saltner’, whose job it was to protect the ripening grapes; faith and customs related to wine cultivation which are still practised today; dry walls and their tiny inhabitants; old expressions previously used in wine cultivation; the Mediterranean mixed forests and also about stone and myths from times gone by. The panels not only offer information, but they also preserve aspects of everyday culture from gradually being forgotten in a modern world. The information emerges through a silhouette of a wine leaf on oxidised stainless steel, which due to their elegant simplicity harmoniously fit into the environment.

Route: The Wine teaching trail begins at the Cafe Konrad, next to the Lagundo irrigation channel route (Algunder Waalweg). From there you will take the path No. 25A in the direction to Vellau. After a hike of about 20 minutes you will reach the turnoff to the “Schlundensteinweg”. Taking the path No. 21 on the left, you will arrive at the Restaurant Leiter am Waal. This easy hike takes about 1 hour with a height difference of 130 meters.