Holiday time is family time Enhance it with horse-riding, play time, water fun, discoveries and simply getting to know new things …..
There are many things waiting to be discovered in Algund by all the family. There are lots of possibilities to have fun, enjoy yourself and play games while having a good time together. For active kids and their parents.

Games & fun for children!
  • Just like the old times: a ride in a horse-drawn coach.
  • Fun and games in the great outdoors: the new adventure playground in Vellau.
  • Water fun for water rats: at the public pool of Algund and the Adventure Pool in Naturns.
  • Exciting courses: fantastic fun at crazy golf. - The ball rolls …into the Algund bowling alley.
  • On the back of a golden horse: horse-riding on the popular Hafling horses.
  • Get to know about the kings of the sky: at the bird of prey station.
  • Discover nature: a visit to the Nature Park House.
  • A hero of times gone by: a glance into the Andreas Hofer museum.
  • Ötzi’s way of life: a visit to the Archeopark.
  • How does the honey find its way into the glass jar?: a visit to the bee museum.
  • The world of knights: a knightly life at the Churburg.
  • Do you dare??: rafting is a magic word.
  • Let’s go to Gardaland: a child’s dream becomes reality!
  • Fun and adventure: at the climbing course or while paragliding