1. True cyclists always wear a helmet, this is the motto of Via Claudia Augusta A helmet should be an integral part of equipment for any rider. It protects your head in the case of accident but also from sun and rain. So please do not cycle without a helmet!

2. Cycling makes you thirsty, so bring enough to drinkThe body loses a lot of fluid during exercise and heavy perspiration means that many minerals are expelled from the body. A full water bottle should always be part of your outfit. We also recommend fruit juice mixed with water. For longer trips we recommend that you stop at one of the many sports clubs.

3. Pay attention to your speedThis rule does not apply only in urban areas but also to mountain bike paths and trails in South Tyrol. You are not alone on the streets and inattention or excessive speed can cause accidents.

4. Wear the right clothing Standard cycling shorts, a breathable shirt, sunglasses, a windbreaker, light raincoat and backpack.