Delicate flowers, lush vegetation, vibrant fruit – constantly in flux

Seasonal blooming highlights at Trauttmansdorff are an interplay of colors that shift continually throughout the course of the year: luxurious blooms in spring, fragrant exotic plants in summer, and the vivid hues of autumn.

The season begins with an explosion of shapes and colors as the flowers awaken. In every corner of the garden, plants are sprouting and blooming. Flower carpets comprising thousands of tulips, daffodils, crown imperials and buttercups shine on the hillsides and in the flowerbeds, together with Icelandic poppies and forget-me-nots. Exotic camellias, Japanese cherry trees, lush rhododendrons, elegant peonies and many other flowering shrubs and lushly flowering trees are spring’s showstoppers.

In summer, Trauttmansdorff is in a state of full bloom: colorful flowerbeds, fragrant English roses and exotic Mediterranean plants such as oleander and Persian silk trees. In June, the fragrance of the lavender planted below Trauttmansdorff Castle wafts through the air, thousands of blooms shine in the flowering meadow, and water lilies and exotic lotus flowers vie for attention in the Water Lily Pond.

The sunny days of autumn set the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle aglow one last time: evergreen plants and lush perennial beds make a fall visit equally worthwhile. Purple and blue asters show off their splendor in the Water and Terraced Gardens, while Mediterranean fruit such as pomegranates, figs, olives and grapes paint an unmistakable portrait of the South in the Sun Gardens. It feels like Indian summer in Forests of the World: the leaves are dipped in bright hues of red, yellow and orange. Other blooming highlights include elegant autumn camellias in the Palm Grove and the luxuriant strawberry trees in the natural Mediterranean landscapes.